Our health professionals need you! To win the battle against #COVID19, they urgently need face masks. Currently stores are almost depleted. We have come up with a back-up plan, with our homemade masks. We don't intend to let our health care providers down. Instead, we'll show our support, by sewing masks. Handmade. With love. ❤️

Even if you're sick and in self-isolation, you still stand to benefit from wearing such a mask. The mask reduces your risk of infecting people around you. So get sewing and ask your friends to help.

Mondmasker with Love

This pattern and this method was recommended by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Public Health. Other patterns that are being shared online have not been tested and might therefore not be safe. When using these self-made face masks, it is vital that you follow the general guidelines. This face mask is not a medical mask, see also the official guidelines.

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  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the face mask. Hold the mask by the ties to put it on.

  • Only wear the face mask when needed. For example during self-isolation at home when other people are in the same room as you.

  • Stick to the basic rules even when wearing your face mask: wash your hands, maintain a safe distance and avoid physical interaction if you're feeling sick.

  • Make sure the face mask fits snugly. You must be able to breathe through your nose and mouth when wearing it.

  • Face masks are less effective for children. Change their mask regularly.

  • Sterilise the face mask at least once a day by washing it at 90°C (= 194°F).

  • Do not use elastic loops for the mask. These cannot be washed.

  • Do not touch the inner layer of the face mask with your fingers. Use 2 colours to easily differentiate the inner layer of the face mask from the outer layer.

  • You can insert a replaceable filter in the face mask, such as the filter of a vacuum cleaner or a charcoal filter. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after replacing the filter.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why cotton?
  • How safe are these face masks?
  • Can we use other filters?

You can find answers to the most common questions on our Facebook page.

Download and read the manual from start to finish first. It contains all the information you need

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Proper hygiene is one of the most important measures when making face mask

  • handen wassen

    wash your hands for 60 seconds with soap and water

  • naaimachine steriel

    sterilise your sewing machine with disinfectant

  • handen wassen

    wash your hands again before continuing to work

  • man met mondmasker

    wear a face mask while making a face mask

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